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The Waco Mammoth Foundation has given out over $40,000 in grants for projects at the Waco Mammoth National Monument for 2023.


Projects include:

  • Schematic redesign plans for the Waco Mammoth National Monument Welcome Center.

  • Planning and initial construction for the expansion of the bone preparer deck in the dig shelter. 

  • Education and community engagement internships based at the site.


We are thrilled to present these grants to the Waco Mammoth National Monument. We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing this national monument for future generations. The Waco Mammoth Foundation is the official partner of the Waco Mammoth National Monument and raises money each year for improvements and programming at the park. In collaboration with partners at Baylor University, City of Waco, and the National Park Service WMF works to protect this special piece of history for the Central Texas community, and for future generations. 

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Virtual Tour 

Want to experience Waco Mammoth National Monument but can't make it to the park? We've got you covered. Explore the Dig Shelter, where you will see the in situ fossil remains of six Columbian mammoths and a few other Ice Age animals. A guided, audio-described virtual tour is also available. Now, go explore...virtually!



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